Teachers become students in the KY FAME Career Exploration Project.  In the summer 2017, high school teachers will spend a week in a KY FAME host manufacturing facility. The KY FAME Teacher Externship Program hosted pilots by the Greater Louisville and Northern Kentucky chapters last year with great success.  Going statewide is made possible for KY FAME with a grant funded by Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT).

Teachers have the opportunity to observe and interact with manufacturers and have an outside the classroom business experience.  Through this program, teachers learn to work together to create ideas connecting their course standards with industry reinforcing the theme of their academy across subject areas.

Manufacturers will provide teachers with industry exposure. Teachers then take these experiences back into the classroom.  The result is that students learn application for course content.  By participating in externships, teachers can help students learn how and where they can apply course content. They can be even more knowledgeable in teaching students to know what employers expect providing graduates a strong platform for successful careers.  Manufacturers have the opportunity to gain knowledge about education and serve as a future resource for the high schools.

Agenda for the week:
• Day 1 | Orientation at a local site – Goals, outcomes and meeting your business partner
• Day 2-4 | On-the-job experiences
• Day 5 | Creating action plan – What to take back and add to current curriculum
• Post Project | Post evaluation report on activities and results

Business hosts are members of KY FAME and teacher participants are from high school partners in KY FAME.  If you would like to participate as a member of a teacher team or serve as a business host, please click the links below to fill out an application.

For more information about the teacher externship program, contact Carol Crawford at carolcra@windstream.net

Teacher Application

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Due by May 12

Business Host Application

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Due by March 3