What is the KY FAME Program?
More than anyone else, parents and educators understand the importance of providing young adults options for their futures and careers. The KY FAME program offers education and training for high-paying and diverse careers options in advanced manufacturing. In the program, students gain on-the-job experience with a sponsoring company 24 hours a week while attending classes at a local Kentucky Community and Technical College 16 hours a week. This allows students to reinforce classroom instruction with paid, hands-on training. After five semesters, students not only earn an associate degree in Applied Science, but their work experience surges them ahead of their competitors.
What will my child/student gain from the KY FAME program?
On completion of the program, students receive certification as Advanced Maintenance Technicians, meaning they are knowledgeable in electricity, fluid power, mechanics, fabrication and robotics. In addition to this multi-skilled certification, they earn an associate degree in Applied Science and more than a year of work experience to put on their resumes. Best of all, students often graduate the program with little or no debt.

With an associate degree, graduates can pursue several career avenues. They can move into full-time positions, working with their sponsor or another employer, to focus on developing their craft. Or, if the graduate wishes to continue his or her education along same track, many of Kentucky’s institutions offer bachelor’s degree programs in advanced manufacturing, engineering or related fields. KY FAME graduates are also well positioned to pursue bachelor’s degrees in business for futures as managers, directors or entrepreneurs.

In addition to classroom training and job experience, KY FAME empowers students with professional-behavior skills including attendance, diligence, written and verbal communications, interpersonal relations and teamwork. These skills put our KY FAME graduates head and shoulders above their peers in the job market.

Why does Advanced Manufacturing make a great career choice?

Kentucky’s manufacturing industry is growing strong and its products are in high demand. But industry leaders all voice the same concern; they cannot find the skilled workforce they need. Therefore, advanced-manufacturing employees are in high demand and receive above-average pay. The average annual income for manufacturing employees in Kentucky is $55,942, significantly more than the average of $42,632 for all other industries. In addition to pay advantages, jobs related to advanced-manufacturing show higher levels of retention, with turnover rates almost 3% lower than in other industries. The employees of this industry are skilled, well paid and involved in innovative and challenging work.

I'm very proud of my son Austin. It's a great program. He loves AMT and his job.

Dave Kennedy, Father of Austin Kennedy

The AMT Program is the best thing for my daughter Lacy. It brought her out of her shell.

Cindy Hadley, Mother of Lacy Hadley

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