To remain competitive, manufacturers must create a pipeline of highly-skilled workers

Two common problems, have one common solution:
  1. To remain globally competitive, manufacturers must find enough globally qualified workers.
  2. Technically minded individuals desire a well-paying, challenging career they can start TODAY.

The solution is KY FAME.

The Kentucky Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (KY FAME) is a partnership of regional manufacturers whose purpose is to implement dualtrack, apprenticeship-style training that will create a pipeline of highly skilled workers. The primary method to achieve this goal is through partnerships with local educational institutions to offer the Advanced Manufacturing Technician Program (AMT).

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KY FAME is an industry-led public private partnership implementing the world-class model for developing manufacturing talent.
Transforming Kentucky’s manufacturing workforce to ensure the economic success of the Commonwealth
KY FAME works closely with educational institutions to establish and endorse programs and curricula that develop the necessary skill-sets for students to be prepared in Kentucky’s manufacturing job market.

KY FAME collaborates with Kentucky manufacturers, educators, and the public sector to:
Increase the skills levels of employees in the manufacturing industry; improve the image of the manufacturing industry; promote manufacturing-related career pathway opportunities; implement the industrial maintenance technician development program known as the Advanced Manufacturing Technician Program (AMT); and support the creation of additional skills training programs in the model of AMT to increase the skills levels of manufacturing employees.

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