The Advanced Manufacturing Career Pathways/AMT Conference will be held May 15-17 in Florence, Kentucky. More information and registration information can be found here.

The AMCP-AMT Conference is intended primarily for:

  • Providers of the AMT program and its follow-on AMB (Business) and AME (Engineer) Program
  • Employers of FAME (the organization for companies which sponsor students in these programs)
  • College and University Partners which provide the academic elements of the programs
  • Economic Development and other prime stakeholder partners
  • Nominated AMT/AMB/AME students to enhance their development

AMT, the “root” program, is a nationally standardized program driven by employers to produce the global best technician. Achieving true global best is a challenging target that requires hard work, teamwork, and a vibrant network among employers, providers, and supporting organizations. Those in the network keep up with the latest developments and the best practices through the conference. A go-and-see experience at AMT sites enables educators who provide the academic program and the manufacturers to see and understand what other programs are doing. Providers (employers and schools) take a go-and-see approach to enable educators to experience and understand the successes of other programs, thus supporting the elevation of standards and best practices for all programs.

Read the full explanation of the important role of the Conference in program development here. “Purpose of the Conference”

This year’s conference will feature:

  • Welcome Reception at the hotel on May 15.
  • The Parade of Programs! Presentations by the attending teams of each AMT program, reporting the status, practices, and highlights of their local programs.
  • Go-and See Benchmarking of the KY FAME/Northern Kentucky chapter’s College Partner, offering a close-up of the program, campus, students, faculty, and signature AMT practices.
  • Best Practice Highlights. Selected presentations from the best practices nationally.
  • College Partner Round Table for attendees from the AMT College Partners.
  • Economic Development Round Table for those driving local economies.
  • Employer networking for attendees from the collaborating FAME companies in the AMT and AMB Programs.
  • Future Direction and Development for the North American AMT Program.
  • Updates on AMB (Business) and AME (Engineering) programs.
  • Diversity session on strengthening female retention and success in the AMT Program.
  • The KY FAME NASCAR race car, driver Garrett Smithley, and his thoughts on a winning program.
  • For FAME Employer groups, a special highlight session featuring the comprehensive AMT management activity of the Northern Kentucky chapter. Want to see how to do it? Don’t miss this session.
  • KY FAME Summit 2017, on Monday before the conference.  Conference attendees are invited to observe this annual event for the state that now has 10 AMT programs. Economic development professionals, educators and employers all will benefit. Find out more about the KY FAME Summit here.

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